April is National Facial Protection Month

Spring sports are just starting, and it’s got us thinking about an important component of any uniform – a mouth guard! Any time your child is engaged in an activity where their face can come in contact with something hard— another player, a ball, the pavement, etc. — it’s a time that they should be wearing a mouth guard. It is critical that the mouth guard is comfortable, well-fitted, doesn’t restrict breathing, and is strong enough to resist tearing.

Children and teenagers tend not to wear ill-fitting mouth guards, so this month we’re highlighting a service offered in our office – custom mouth guards. The cost of a custom mouth guard has even been lowered this month to make sure the specialized protection is accessible to as many patients as possible. After an impression is taken of your child’s mouth, a custom mouth guard is made specifically based on the position and shape of their teeth, and is made of extremely durable yet comfortable material. Custom mouth guards provide more protection than store-bought boil-and-bite ones, and because they’re more comfortable, your child is more likely to wear them too. Another fun aspect of custom mouth guards – your son or daughter can even choose colors that match their team uniforms!

Although a custom mouth guard is more expensive than a store-bought one; the fit, comfort, and durability of custom ones make them far superior. If your child is going to go through the effort of wearing a mouth guard, make sure it’s good quality and comfortable enough so that they actually want to wear it! Repairing problems that happen to teeth following a sports injury can be uncomfortable for the patient and cost thousands of dollars. Many injuries can be far less severe or even prevented altogether by the simple act of wearing a proper mouth guard. Trust us, mouth guards are a smart investment in your child’s dental health!


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